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Client - Mansk Webflow Template
Client - Mansk Webflow Template
Client - Mansk Webflow Template
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All features and functions at a glance and in detail.

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Image - Mansk Webflow Template
Feature Bio Profiles

Bio Profile Pages

Create your personal bio profile website with pre-designed templates and quickly customizable blocks to finish in minutes.

On many social media platforms, you can usually only add a single link. But by adding your self-selected link to your bio profile, you can help your fans and customers easily find all your content, services, and products in one place.


Bio Profile Features


Use the pre-designed templates to create your new Bio Profile, or start from a blank template. Choose from various colors or gradients, your own image or video background.

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Upload your own favicon and use it on your Bio Profile

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Font and Size

Set your font and the global font size

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Give your fans and customers confidence and security with a verified account. A verification badge increases conversion and click rates.

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Appear consistently and openly by adding your own logo and colors. An important component for your online presence.

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Tracking pixels or marketing pixels help with analysis and behavior of visitors on your Bio Profile page.

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UTM Parameter

Use UTM parameters for campaign-specific tracking to deliver optimized ads.

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Password Protection

Protect your Bio Profile from unwanted access with a self-defined password.

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Search engine indexing for blocks with a self-defined title, meta keywords, and meta description, and Opengraph image.

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Advanced Features

Organization into project folders for easy management, Leap Link for direct redirection to a self-determined URL, and custom CSS and JS.

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Choose from predefined animations for blocks and set the number of repetitions.

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Specify when you want to display your content. You can choose a specific date range by selecting start and end dates.

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Geo Targeting

Set the countries where you want your content to be visible.

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Device Targeting

Specify on which devices you want individual blocks of your Bio Profile to be displayed.

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Language Targeting

Specify in which language individual blocks of your Bio Profile should be displayed.

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OS Targeting

Specify on which operating systems (e.g., Windows, iOS, Linux) individual blocks of your Bio Profile should be displayed.

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Personal Link

Generate a random link directly or choose your own link if available.

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Own custom Domain

Create your online identity and connect your own domain, directing your customers and fans directly to your Bio Profile page.

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Feature  QR Codes

QR Codes

Use the complete QR code generator including templates and QR type selection for quick and easy creation of your QR code.

Choose your color or color gradient, customize the design of your QR code as you like. The corners and interior elements, background, transparency, and spacing are also customizable. The best part is that you can add your own logo!

Feature  Shortlinks


Use short links for free, even for your business. Choose your own link and share it anywhere you want.

Redirection, targeting, and password protection are the most popular features of short links, in addition to the obvious reason: they're short.

Feature Analytics

Access statistics

Simple, yet comprehensive analytics. Of course, in compliance with GDPR.

Find out where your visitors come from, what language and device was used. Adjust your content accordingly and optimize your reach.

More Features

Additional Free Features

Create links to downloadable files or create your event and offer it as an ICS calendar file, so your fans and customers are equipped with all the important details and can save it directly to their calendar. Generate dynamic, advanced links to downloadable digital business cards.

Connect your own domain or use one of the pre-defined options. Furthermore, over 123 web, SEO, and helper tools are offered as a free bonus. Use them to collect information and increase your reach.